Pre-Listing Inspection

Thinking of selling your home? Making sure your home is in its best shape is a top priority. Surprises can have unintended consequences such as undercutting an asking price, derailing a potential deal, and prolonging time on the market. Alpine Building Performance can help alleviate these surprises and empower you to sell with confidence. We offer a “Seller’s Snapshot” Pre-Listing Inspection, a refined version of our full home inspection that usually takes just a couple hours. Our Seller’s Snapshot evaluates the major systems of the home such as electrical service, foundations and HVAC. We review possible health and safety issues and identify potential repairs. Our Seller’s Snapshot can put you in control of any repair processes, help to build trust between you and potential buyers and put you on track to an efficient and successful transaction. The report is available within 24 hours of the inspection.

We recommend bundling the Pre-Listing Inspection with our other specialty services, including Sewer Scope and Radon Testing. Please visit our specialty services page to learn more.