Mold Testing

Mold can cause a host of undesirable problems to a home and its occupants. In addition to being unsightly and capable of producing foul smells, mold can actually cause damage to building materials such as drywall, wood floors, and even framework. Damage from mold and moisture can be enough to threaten the structural integrity of a house.

Mold is caused by excess moisture introduced into materials that mold can use as food. This molding process is commonly caused by plumbing, roof or even foundation leaks that introduce moisture into wood siding, framing, hardwood floors, drywall, plaster and other building materials. In some cases, extremely high humidity can provide enough moisture for mold growth.

To determine if mold is present and/or active, at least 3 air samples are taken at the property: two outside and one inside of the building. These samples determine if any species are actively producing spores, and how many spores are being produced. Air samples are sent to a lab for further testing and analysis. Results of these tests will be available within 48 hours.